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Children's ministry


Children and youth are the heartbeat of Cornerstone of Arpelar. We think they are so important that we even built them their very own building called The Joshua House.  We have classrooms for the younger children and a youth room filled with exciting "happenings" to stimulate the interests of young men and women.  Within this venue, we then are able to stimulate the spiritual side of the individual child and youth.

International Ministries


Cornerstone of Arpelar has always been involved in reaching beyond the boundaries of our own beautiful country and into regions of the world that may need a helping hand.  Our International Ministries is part of the foundation upon which Cornerstone stands.  

Women's Ministry

Girls in Nature

If you are looking for a ministry that is focused on releasing women into the full potential that God has created in them, then look no further.  Strong women are a vital part of Cornerstone's pillars.  Join us and we are sure you will find a place to fit and grow.

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